OWCP – Extending Scope of Cannabinoid-based Tropical Cream

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp., OTCQB: OWCP (the “Registrant”), through its wholly-owned Israeli subsidiary, One World Cannabis Ltd. (“OWC Ltd”), has been conducting study on the efficacy its proprietary cannabinoid-based topical cream for the treatment of skin conditions generally and psoriasis specifically, which commenced in November, 2016 (the “Study”).


On February 1, 2017, following the very encouraging results that have been achieved at the mid-point of the Study, the Registrant’s Board of Directors and the management and scientific personnel of OWC Ltd have determined to extend the size and scope of the Study for the purpose of, among other things, checking the biological markers that have been generated to date with respect to the treatment of psoriasis (proliferation/ inhibition and several interleukins). Despite extending its size and scope of the Study, the Registrant expects to compete the Study within the same projected time frame.